Friday, September 9, 2011

Sox - Blue Jays Series

Jacoby Ellsbury: What has two thumbs, makes all the ladies swoon, and hit 5 doubles over 4 games (not to mention a 3-run home run)? This guy! Ellsbury has a 13 game hit streak, went 9-19 against the Blue Jays with 4 RBI's. The only concern here is that he seems to have forgotten how to steal bases. Might be time to dust off those "Willie Mays Hayes" comparisons.

Marco Scutaro: When the hell did Scutaro turn into Ted Williams?! He had multiple hits in every game in the series, finishing with an astounding 11 hits in 17 at-bats. Oh, he also had 9 RBI's in the series. 9! With 4 doubles to boot. Pretty slick in the field too. It's like this guys in the tail end of his contract year or something!?

Jon Lester: 7 IP, 0 runs, 11 K's. Win #15 on the year. No one can doubt Lester's efforts lately. He hasn't allowed more than 1 earned run over his last 5 starts. His ERA has dipped from 3.32 to 2.93 over that span. He's dealing.

Alfredo Aceves: Sure, he only got in on one of the games, but with Beckett spraining his ankle early in a 0-0 ball game, Aceves stepped in and delivered 3.2 innings of one-hit ball. The Sox ended up losing the game, but once again Aceves was called into an unorthodox situation and rose to the challenge.

Daniel Bard: In the first game of the series he pitched 1.2 innings of hit-less ball. But no one is going to remember that thanks to him costing Tim Wakefield win number 200 with his 5 run, 3 BB suck-fest on Wednesday night. That very well could be the low-point of Bard's young career.

Dustin Pedroia: Yikes! 1 hit in 20 at-bats with 6 strikeouts. The beautiful thing about Pedroia is that this poor series will be nothing more than motivation for him against the Rays. Expect big things.

Andrew Miller: I don't want to harp on him too much. As I wrote in the dump, he was never supposed to be playing in the majors this season, let alone pitching in must-win situations. But, at the end of the day we need him. And he's just not delivering.

David Ortiz: Two sub-par games to bookend two stellar games. In games 1 and 4, Papi finished 1-8 with a walk. In the other two games he went 6-10 with a HR, 2 doubles, 3 RBIs and 5 runs scored. We're still waiting on him to prove us better.

Adrian Gonzalez: Not a bad series for Adrian, although he did sit out last night's contest. 6 hits in his 13 at-bats, with a solo shot, 3 RBIs, 3 doubles and 5 runs scored. But like Papi, we are still expecting a lot from him.

Tim Wakefield - Poor guy. He keeps doing enough for the Sox to get the 'W', and the Sox keep finding a way to blow it. He's no Jon Lester on the mound, but no one expects him to be. We're going to be patient and whisper, "It's not your fault" into his ear until he grabs that 200th victory.

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