Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Massarotti Might Be An Idiot

I'm sure by now most of Red Sox nation has gotten a whiff of the article Tony Massarotti wrote today writing off any importance of winning the American League East and suggesting the Red Sox would be better off resting players and taking the Wild Card then going full force at Tampa Bay for the division crown.

First off, too much rest will only kill us come the playoffs, just ask Detroit.

Second, does anyone feel comfortable having to travel to Anaheim in the first round? I don't either.

As I write this the Red Sox are within three outs of a one half game deficit in the American League East and likely will be division leaders when the series ends Wednesday, exactly why should or would Boston write off the American League East at this point?

The prize of winning the East is hosting Chicago or Minnesota in a best of five series, that gives a much safer route to the American League Championship Series than a match up with the Angels on the road.

Also as I write this Jonathan Papelbon just now finished off the Rays for a 3-0 Sox victory moving Boston to just one win behind the Angels for the best record in the American League, should Boston also write off securing home field advantage when it is very achievable?

The Red Sox have the talent offensively to remain a powerful force while resting players reguarly, afterall they have been doing that most of the season.

Chris Carter can play DH while resting David Ortiz, Carter has power and went 3-3 earlier this season during a one game callup.

With J.D. Drew ready to return he can get some rest once he's back on track with Mark Kotsay in the fold along with Coco Crisp and Jacoby Ellsbury around.

When it comes to pitching you can't exactly shut a guy down for three weeks and expect him to be ready to fire up for the playoffs, these guys still need to pitch.

As of today the rotation is actually setup perfectly.

On the 13th Boston has a doubleheader, Paul Byrd and Bartolo Colon are scheduled to start. If theirs no injuries between now and the seasons end and Boston uses all six starters after this weekends doubleheader then Beckett would be slated to open a October 1st ALDS match up on seven days rest. Depending on when game two was played either Lester (Oct. 2) or Matsuzaka (Oct. 3) would pitch on regular rest, the other would pitch game three on at least regular rest.

There are enough arms available or soon to be available that Boston can get these guys out after five innings down the stretch to limit the innings they pitch.

There really is no reason to call off the dogs and Massarotti would know this if he even took a few minutes to research what he writes.