Monday, September 8, 2008

1.5 Games Back

We win. 1.5 back. And 6.5 up in the wild card. Looking better every day.

Check the comments of the previous post for the answer to the mysterious creature riddle.

I will update this as soon as the Yanks game goes final, and they fall into fourth place.

Okay, it's official. Yanks lose, now in fourth. One more team to pass in their quest for last place. Let's go Orioles!

One final update: I just listened to the end of the PawSox game on radio. It went scoreless to the tenth. But Pawtucket's season was ended on a dong by Shelley Duncan. Not quite the "AL MVP" that some people predicted for Shelley. I wonder if he'll yell "seig heil" in the Scranton celebration.


I think one of the coolest things of all time would be if the Yanks' last game at the Stadium is a loss that eliminates them from the playoffs.