Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Dustin Pedroia may be the smallest cleanup hitter in the business, but he's great. 3 for 5 today against the Baltimore Orioles, including a homer. And he's about my height, too, which makes that excuse of mine for not being a major-leaguer moot... although he does have about 40 pounds on me. Who would have thought, post-Manny, that the best protection for the 3-spot only came up to Ortiz's nipples or thereabouts?

And the Twins and White Sox lost. Which is good for the Red Sox. And the Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Rays. Which is... I don't know. I suppose I want the Rays to be catchable for the Division title i.e. I want the Rays to lose. But at the same time I can't root for the Yankees too much, and a sweep by them would give me the heebie-jeebies, warranted or not. So I'm rooting for a split.

The Decline and Fall of Jay Mariotti

Mariotti's always been a blowhard on Around the Horn (which I still find compulsive watching, if only to meet my American sports news jones), but I just thought it was funny how even Roger Ebert slammed him after he quit the newspaper business.